Current Affairs Barrandov Studios open "Europe's largest" soundstage

12-12-2006 14:16 | Jan Velinger

This week Prague's famous Barrandov film studios opened a brand new soundstage that is reportedly the most ambitious investment by the studio in decades. Named "Max" for its massive size, the new stage was built to attract bigger international productions to Prague.

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Barrandov 'Max' Studio, photo: CTKBarrandov 'Max' Studio, photo: CTK There is really nothing else like it in the Czech Republic: Prague's famous Barrandov Studios, one of the oldest and most reputable film studios in Central Europe. Over the years Barrandov has successfully provided services for many hundreds of films including this current worldwide hit directed by Martin Campbell...

"How's it different? Well, first of all it's Casino Royale!"

Barrandov 'Max' Studio, photo: CTKBarrandov 'Max' Studio, photo: CTK `... and not surprisingly Barrandov hopes to provide stage locations and services for many hundreds more. It should have ample opportunity: now that the studios have officially opened "Max" - a massive new soundstage aimed at attracting bigger productions than ever. According to studio representative Petr Polednak, in terms of size the facility is now the largest in Europe at 4,000 square metres.

"Max" is also almost 14 metres high, which means it should provide room for even the most demanding of productions. Czech film critic Mirka Spacilova told Czech Radio that having a sound-proofed soundstage like the new one at Barrandov will make a difference:

Narnia ChroniclesNarnia Chronicles "The new stage will allow for not only small or independent projects but for major ones that will bring new funds to the Czech Republic and employ many in the business."

The new "Max" soundstage is said to have cost 100 million crowns - the equivalent of around 4.7 million US dollars. But, the investment has apparently already begun to pay off: according to reports most of Barrandov's facilities are booked till the summer of 2007, many for one blockbuster production: the second instalment of C.S. Lewis' children's classic "Narnia Chronicles". Titled "Prince Caspian", the new film will aim to follow the success of the first in the series, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", also partly shot in the Czech Republic.

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