Prague transit company looking for feedback on new EVO1

The Prague Public Transport Authority has begun ‘field testing’ a new tram, the low-floor EVO1. As of Monday this week, commuters on the No. 6 line were able to travel on the new transit vehicle and at the weekend the tram will be running again on the capital’s lines No. 5 and No. 7.

EVO1, photo: CTKEVO1, photo: CTK Prague commuters this week were able for the first time to try out the new EVO 1 a rounded, beautifully-designed new low-floor tram already affectionately nicknamed “Evička” (Little Eva). As evidenced even by the popularity of the non-transit greasing tram in the capital, locals take their trams seriously and the EVO 1 is ensured plenty of attention as officials test the vehicle over the next five months. The tram is the first single unit, fully low-level tram in the Czech Republic, boasting four doors for quick boarding, a white-yellow color scheme, 30 seats, and standing room for an additional 80 passengers.

Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek said the project, developed by the transport authority together with the tram owner PRAGOIMEX, represented the direction the city hopes to go in the future, by focussing on innovation, research & development and smart solutions. The Prague Public Transit Authority, meanwhile, will be looking forward to feedback from members of the public who have travelled aboard the new vehicle.

During testing, in which it is expected to meet all technical requirements, the EVO1 will travel a total of some 4,500 kilometres. But it is not clear whether any EVO1s will ultimately end up running in the capital, not least given the transit authority has some 250 ForCity trams on order from Škoda Transportation until 2018. One advantage for the EVO is the price, roughly 20 million crowns compared to 70 million for the 15T ForCity. The latter, however, can transport up to 280 passengers compared to the formers’ 110.

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