Doosan Škoda Power sees orders take off in 2015

Plzeň-based turbine manufacturer Doosan Škoda Power has seen a record number of orders in 2015. The company, specialising in turbine production, signed contracts worth some nine billion crowns last year.

Photo: Doosan Škoda PowerPhoto: Doosan Škoda Power It is the best result in the past 30 years, the company’s vice chairman and director Jiří Šmondrk said in an interview for the daily Hospodářské noviny on Tuesday.

The company’s turnover in 2015 reached 8.2 billion and its profit stood at 1.5 billion crowns. Both of these figures represent a slight drop compared to the previous year, but according to Jiří Šmondrk, the number of orders is a more relevant indicator of the company’s real situation.

Among the contracts signed by Doosan Škoda Power last year is a consignment of four turbine units for a biomass fired power plant in Great Britain and a turbine for a paper mill in Sweden.

Most of the contracts, however, were signed on the non-European markets, such as South America, Oman and Martinique. Jiří Šmondrk told Hospodářské noviny that this was due to the global position of his company. The Czech turbine manufacturer was acquired by South Korea’s Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction, the country’s largest power equipment maker, back in 2009.

Last year, the company also succeeded in sealing its first turbine contracts with an output of over 300 megawatts, two of them to Mexico and one to Chile.

In the future, the company wants to focus mainly on the Southeast Asian and African regions, Mr Šmondrk told the daily.

Last year, Doosan Škoda Power succeeded in entering the Indonesian market and hopes to venture further into Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Currently, it is also holding talks about contracts concerning coal plants and solar plants in South Africa.

The Czech turbine manufacturer has also been trying to break into the North American market, but so far they haven’t landed any reference order that would help them establish on the local market.

Doosan Škoda Power specializes in producing turbines for the power industry. It currently employs around 1,350 people. The biggest turbines it produced were the 1000-megawatt turbines for the Temelín nuclear power plant.