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A Czech shoe classic gets a makeover

26-11-2009 17:08 | Sarah Borufka

In 2007, Prague graphic design students Jan Kloss and Jakub Korouš updated the 1966 model of the classic Czech Botas sneaker for a school assignment. Little did they know that their chic version of the retro sneaker would be a huge hit. I recently met with the two young designers at their Žižkov studio.   More

Historian discusses key moments in 200-year existence of Prague Conservatory

19-11-2009 13:38 | Jan Velinger

The Prague Conservatory – teaching music and acting – is one of the oldest and most remarkable secondary schools of its type in Central Europe. Dating back roughly 200 years, the school has currently begun celebrating the upcoming anniversary of its founding with a series of exhibitions, publications and events to take place over the next 24 months or so.   More

Successful Czech-Japanese entrepreneur Tomio Okamura on how the Velvet Revolution changed his life

12-11-2009 13:39 | Jan Velinger

Tomio Okamura Czech-Japanese entrepreneur Tomio Okamura is a household name in the Czech Republic, both for running a successful tourist business to representing one of the country’s largest tourist associations. As an expert in his field, Tomio makes numerous appearances on TV and radio and is also jury member on a well-known business reality programme. His success, in a way he says, is linked to one thing: the Velvet Revolution. Ahead of the upcoming 20th anniversary, Tomio agreed to come in to the studio to discuss how the fall off Communism changed his life. He began by recalling the atmosphere of 20 years ago.  More

Shopping transformed since 1989 though Czechs still lagging behind West in some respects, says ex-Elle editor

05-11-2009 13:55 | Ian Willoughby

Over the last 20 years Czechs have embraced consumer culture in a big way, with a great number of shopping centres, both city centre and out-of-town, now dotted around the country. To discuss how the experience of shopping has been transformed – and how range and price now compare to other countries – I met up with former Elle editor Jana Cíglerová at Prague’s Palladium shopping centre, a short walk from Wenceslas Square.   More

Large open-air exhibition in Prague looks at 20th-century Czech history through stories of bravery

29-10-2009 14:03 | Pavla Horáková

Photo: CTK Descending the historic Old Castle Stairs on the way from Prague Castle to the left bank of the Vltava River, an unusual structure will catch your eye in the middle of a small park between the river and a busy road. The five-and-a-half-metre tall wooden watchtower looks strangely out of place among the 19th-century urban architecture. It is an exact replica of a watchtower from a communist-era labour camp near the town of Příbram southwest of Prague. As a symbol of the oppression of the communist regime, the watchtower is part of an extensive outdoor exhibition titled “We Did Not Give It Up/Stories of the 20th Century” which has just opened in Prague to mark the twentieth anniversary of the fall of communism.   More

Autumn Book Fair in Havlíčkův Brod

15-10-2009 16:02 | Jan Richter

Photo: CTK One of the biggest book events in the Czech Republic was held in the town of Havlíčkův Brod, in eastern Bohemia, at the weekend. The 19th Autumn Book Fair brought together more than 150 publishers from across the country, and attracted some 15,000 visitors. In spite of the economic crisis and competition from other media, Czechs seem to stick to books, no matter what.   More

Shaolin monks perform in Prague

01-10-2009 14:35 | Jan Velinger

The Shaolin Monastery in the Chinese province of Henan, has long been famous for its connection to Buddhist training and martial arts – finding a niche even in Western popular culture, in everything from 1970s cult TV series to the most recent martial arts films. But why settle for Hollywood, when you can see the real thing? Over the last ten years monks from various schools in Shaolin have regularly performed abroad, displaying their skills and traditions across four continents. On Thursday, they take the stage here, at the Congress Centre in the Czech capital. It will be the first of four shows in the Czech Republic which will also include stops in Pardubice, Ostrava, and Zlín.   More

Prague’s Railroad Kingdom planning railway model of Czech Republic

24-09-2009 13:31 | Ian Willoughby

Located under a shopping centre in the Smíchov district of Prague, the Království železnic, or Railroad Kingdom, today features a number of model railway layouts on an area of 115 square metres. When it is completed, however, it will measure over 1000 square metres and be home to a kind of railway model of the Czech Republic.   More

Should the famous baroque plague column be returned to Prague’s Old Town Square?

17-09-2009 14:26 | Rosie Johnston

Photo: Prague’s Old Town Square may be famous for its grandeur and architectural beauty, but it is, in fact, a shadow of its former self. A great chunk of the Old Town Hall building was decimated by the Nazis at the end of the war, and has never been rebuilt. To this day, a rather bare park stands where most of the building once did. And across from the famous Jan Hus sculpture used to be a towering Marian column, built in 1650 and felled in 1918, by Czechs who felt it symbolized the country’s Habsburg past.   More

Great WWII pilot Karel Kuttelwascher remembered by his home town

03-09-2009 16:50 | Jan Richter

Karel Kuttelwascher On September 1, the world remembered the outbreak of the worst conflict in history. For Czechs, however, the war started earlier than September 1939. By the time Nazi troops stormed Poland and France and the UK declared war on Germany, thousands of Czechs had already left their country, ready to join the fight against the Nazis. One of them was Karel Kuttelwascher, who became a famous night fighter with the RAF, and the most successful Czech fighter pilot of the war. Recently his daughters came from England and together with the people of his native town marked the 50th anniversary of Karel Kuttlewascher’s death.   More



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