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Czech Republic beats Sweden to advance to semi-finals in Ice Hockey World Championship

18-05-2012 15:17 | Sarah Borufka

Milan Michálek, photo: CTK It was a dramatic game: a last-minute goal by Milan Michálek some 30 seconds before the end of the match against Sweden on Thursday brought the Czechs the victory they needed to advance to the semi-finals in this year’s Ice Hockey World Championship. The Czech 4:3 result also marks the first time in 12 years that Sweden will not be playing in the semifinals. In the next match, the Czech Republic faces its neighbor Slovakia. While this is the third time that the Czechs will be competing for a spot in the finals, this year’s solid performance of the Slovak team has come as a surprise. Ahead of Friday’s match, we spoke to daily Mladá fronta dnes hockey expert Karel Knap.  More

Constitutional Court upholds solar tax

17-05-2012 16:13 | Jan Richter

The Czech Constitutional Court has upheld the government’s tax on solar power, introduced retroactively last year in an effort to cool the solar boom in the country. Photovoltaic firms complain the tax damages their business while foreign investors into the business are threatening to initiate international arbitrations against the country. But the court said their interests cannot be superimposed over those of Czech citizens.  More

Brno centre for childcare launches “rent-a-granny” scheme

17-05-2012 16:13 | Daniela Lazarová

This month saw the launching of a new EU-funded child-care project aimed at helping families with young children juggle work and family. In view of the lack of day nurseries and kindergartens around the country the Brno Centre for Family Planning and Child Care has launched a “rent-a-granny” scheme along the lines of the Oma Dienst project successfully implemented in neighbouring Austria.  More

International meeting of experts on Czech language and literature kicks off in Prague

16-05-2012 15:27 | Sarah Borufka

An international meeting of Czech language and literature experts, among them teachers and translators, kicked off at Prager Literaturhaus, a Czech institute that promotes Prague’s German literary heritage. For the next four days, lovers of the Czech language will be discussing their field of expertise and exchanging their findings in a number of seminars, panel discussions and lectures. On the first day of the international get-together, we speak with Kristin Kilsti, a Norwegian literary translator who works from Czech into her native tongue.  More

Defiant David Rath remains in police custody

16-05-2012 15:27 | Jan Richter

David Rath As Czechs are slowly digesting the shocking case of the Social Democrat politician David Rath, more details emerge about his arrest and the crime he allegedly committed. The opposition MP and governor of Central Bohemia was arrested on Monday with seven million crowns in his possession. While Mr Rath maintains his innocence, he has been charged with corruption, and remains in detention.  More

Czech shareholders ripped off by Kožený could gain from sale of Aspen chalet

15-05-2012 15:38 | Jan Velinger

Czech shareholders who lost millions of crowns to controversial businessman Viktor Kožený in the 1990s, have a strong chance of getting back partial compensation. There is a new possibility that the equivalent of around half a billion crowns gained from the sale of Mr Kožený’s Aspen chalet in the US, could be transferred to the Czech Republic. Shareholders have 10 days in which to file a formal request.  More

Prominent Social Democrat MP charged with corruption

15-05-2012 15:38 | Daniela Lazarová

David Rath One of the most prominent figures of the opposition Social Democratic party, MP and Central Bohemian governor David Rath has been charged with corruption. Mr. Rath was arrested on Monday night along with seven other people in a large-scale police operation that is believed to be linked to abuse of EU funds.  More

Health insurer counting its losses as government moves to scrap costly and inefficient electronic health records project

14-05-2012 15:42 | Daniela Lazarová

The Czech government has announced its decision to dump a costly electronic health records project launched ten years ago. The project which was to facilitate communication between doctors regarding treatment of individual patients failed to get off the ground properly and was frequently criticized for lack of transparency.  More

Woman gets life sentence for murder of her four children

11-05-2012 15:56 | Jan Richter

Photo: CTK A 37-year-old Czech woman has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering her four children. The Regional Court in Hradec Králové, in eastern Bohemia, on Friday rejected the woman’s claim she suffered from memory loss, and convicted her of the murders. She became the fourth woman to receive a life sentence since the fall of communism in the country. But the woman collapsed during the reading of the verdict and the court will now decide whether the defendant will be brought to court again.  More

Bikes for Africa project attracts hundreds of donors in first four months

10-05-2012 15:35 | Jan Velinger

Photo: Kola pro Afriku Organisers in the Czech Republic have launched a project similar to Great Britain’s Jolly Riders Foundation, whereby anyone can donate an old bicycle to a child in Africa. Although in operation only briefly, Kola pro Afriku (Bikes for Africa) has already taken off and is attracting broad interest.  More



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