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Historians compiling database of Czechs and Slovaks fought abroad in WWII

06-05-2010 | Daniela Lazarová

They are the country’s unsung war heroes: thousands of men and women who fled Nazi-occupation to serve in foreign armies during the Second World War. Those who returned to communist Czechoslovakia after the war were branded enemies of the state, those who stayed away were given no credit, unless they had fought alongside the Soviet forces on the Eastern front. Historians are now working on an internet project which aims to map the fate of some 83 thousand Czechs and Slovaks who fought against Nazi oppression in different parts of the world.  More

Public Affairs party comes under scrutiny for pre-election street patrols

05-05-2010 14:39 | Chris Johnstone

The surprise political hit of the Czech general election campaign so far, the Public Affairs party, has come under the spotlight for another reason than its high poll ratings. Media attention has focussed on the party’s newly launched street patrols and its populist stance on law and order.   More

President shares own childhood memories of 1945 Prague Uprising at Czech Radio ceremony

05-05-2010 14:39 | Ian Willoughby

Wednesday is the 65th anniversary of the start of the Prague Uprising, when thousands of people took to the streets in an attempt to liberate the city from Nazi occupation, just days before the arrival of the Red Army. Several events have been held to mark the date, including a memorial at Czech Radio, which made a dramatic call on citizens to fight the occupiers on the morning of May 5, 1945.   More

Female football referee Dagmar Damková celebrated in song

05-05-2010 14:39 | Jan Richter

The song Růže mezi trny, or Rose among Thorns, by the star singer-songwriter Jaromír Nohavica, is a tribute to female football referee Dagmar Damková. On Sunday, she refereed one of the highlights of the season, a game between title contenders Baník Ostrava and Sparta Prague. The match ended in a 1:1 draw, but for many, including big Ostrava fan Jaromír Nohavica, she was the obvious winner for her smooth handling of the heated game. Radio Prague spoke to Dagmar Damková and asked her how she liked the song.   More

Skincare specialists offer free counselling against skin cancer

04-05-2010 14:11 | Ruth Fraňková

On Monday and Tuesday, skincare specialists set up a tent on Prague’s Wenceslas Square in order to raise awareness of the risks of skin cancer. Anyone walking by could get a free check-up and advice on how to protect themselves.   More

Government clears restructuring route for struggling Czech Airlines

04-05-2010 14:11 | Chris Johnstone

The Czech government has cleared far reaching plans for Czech Airlines to face the future. The state-owned carrier will be relieved of its debt burden but at the price of a significant cut in its size and ambitions. We look at plans for the struggling airline.   More

Czech public finances post worst balance in a decade during first four months of 2010

04-05-2010 14:11 | Jan Richter

The hole in Czech public finances is growing, and will be difficult to patch. Such is the warning message issued by the Finance Ministry on Monday, whose latest figures suggest that over the first four months of this year, the state budget reached the highest deficit in a decade.   More

Czech lower house election campaign goes into final straight after slow, negative start

03-05-2010 14:46 | Chris Johnstone

Czechs go to the polls in just under four weeks for elections to the lower house of parliament. As the deadline approaches, the two main parties have unveiled their final campaign plans. We assess the battle so far and the prospects ahead of the vote.   More

Expo 2010 helps put Czech Republic on the map, says head of Czech exhibition in Shanghai

03-05-2010 14:46 | Jan Richter

The Czech pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, adorned with a plan of Prague’s Old Town made of hockey pucks, has seen a steady stream of visitors since it first opened its doors on Saturday. In tough competition with around 190 national exhibitions featured in the global fair, the Czech pavilion has so far proved one of the most successful. Radio Prague spoke to the Czech commissioner for Expo 2010, Pavel Antonín Stehlík, and asked him about the first three days of the event.   More

Film producers look to public collection to save “Lidice” from development hell

30-04-2010 15:52 | Christian Falvey

The extermination of the village of Lidice by the Nazis is one of the most harrowing tales of WWII, and Czech filmmakers are have long wanted to bring it to the screen. The acclaimed director Alice Nellis is set to helm the project, with some of the country’s top actors already on board. But still what would be an important historical film has been in a proverbial development hell for some years now. Amid a dearth of sponsors, the film’s producers are now looking to the public to help complete the budget. Earlier today, Radio Prague spoke with producer Adam Dvořák.   More



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