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Letter from Prague1989 from abroad

22-11-2009 02:01 | Jan Velinger

November 1989 in Prague The events of 1989 commemorated 20 years on this week brought back many emotional memories. I was 19 when it happened, still living at home, only not in Czechoslovakia, but in Canada. Like thousands of others of Czech descent, born in new countries, I watched the Velvet Revolution unfold on the TV screen, night after night, until, somehow, miraculously at the end of it, the Communist system crumbled and collapsed.   More

One on OneThe best of One on One in 2005

01-01-2006 | Ian Willoughby

Today we are taking another chance to hear from some of the most interesting guests we met on One on One over the course of the year just ended. They include: musician Zuzana Ruzickova on the horrors of Auschwitz and Professor Tomas Radil on the liberation of the notorious concentration camp; journalist Joe Schlesinger on escaping Czechoslovakia, and returning in 1989; controversial politician Jan Kavan on his English mother's difficult life in Prague; lower house chairman Lubomir Zaoralek on visiting North Korea; and Romany rapper Gipsy on telling it like he sees it.   More


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