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Current AffairsKhamoro festival brings Roma music, culture to Prague

27-05-2011 13:27 | Rob Cameron

Photo: CTK Prague is currently hosting the thirteenth annual Khamoro festival – a celebration of Roma culture coupled with serious debate about conditions for the Roma minority. Gypsy musicians from as far afield as Hungary, India, France and Norway feature at this year’s festival, which began with a re-enactment of a traditional Romani wedding.  More

NewsKhamoro Roma festival kicks off

23-05-2011 20:11 | Christian Falvey

The Khamoro (“sun”) festival of Roma culture kicked off its 13th year at Prague’s Manes gallery on Sunday. Festivities will continue until Saturday, May 28, during which time visitors can enjoy concerts of traditional and modern gypsy music, exhibitions and lectures. This year’s festival began with a traditional wedding ceremony, held entirely in Romani, and featuring Pop Idol finalist Jan Bendig as the groom. Over one hundred performers are expected to participate in this year’s festival.  

NewsKhamoro Roma festival begins

23-05-2010 19:57 | Christian Falvey

The 12th year of the Roma festival Khamoro kicks off at Švandové divadlo on Sunday with the premiere of a Roma opera, The Invisible Gypsy. The festival will include numerous concerts of leading Roma musicians at venues around Prague, ending with a closing event at the Prague Congress Centre on May 29. Accompanying events will showcase Roma culture, tradition and lifestyle through documentary films and exhibitions.  

Current AffairsKhamoro Festival celebrates 10th anniversary in Prague

30-05-2008 15:24 | Jamie Brindley

The Khamoro Festival is an international Romany Festival held in Prague each year. This year saw the 10th anniversary of the event, which features Romany performers and musicians from around the world, celebrating their rich cultural heritage with a packed programme of performances. One of the highlights is a vibrant procession of dancing and music which winds its colourful way from Mustek to Old Town Square. Jamie Brindley followed the procession yesterday.   More

NewsKhamoro festival of Roma culture gets underway in Prague

25-05-2008 19:37 | Rosie Johnston

Sunday sees the start of the Khamoro festival of Roma culture, which will run throughout this week in Prague. This tenth Khamoro fest gets underway on Sunday evening with the bands Guločar and Le čhavendar playing at the capital’s Rock Café. As well as concerts, the festival will consist of an academic conference, flamenco seminars, film showings and an exhibition of contemporary Romany art. According to the organizers, nearly 100 artists from over 8 countries are participating in this year’s festival. More information can be found at  

ArtsBalkan, Indian rhythms collide at Khamoro World Roma Festival

01-06-2007 14:36 | Rob Cameron

Photo: CTK In this week's Arts, we look at the annual Khamoro Roma Festival, one of the largest festivals of Roma arts and culture in Europe. For the past week the Czech capital has reverberated to sounds from as far afield as India, Portugal and the Balkans.   More

Current AffairsKhamoro Roma festival brings music and more to Prague

29-05-2007 15:45 | Rob Cameron

Photo: This week Prague plays host to the ninth annual Khamoro Roma Festival, one of the largest festivals of Roma arts and culture in Europe. For the next five days the Czech capital will reverberate to sounds from all over the world, from Macedonia's Orkestrar Strumica to the Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan. At the same time, there will be a number of discussions examining the issues facing contemporary Roma communities. Barbora Subertova is one of Khamoro's organisers.   More

Current AffairsKhamoro - Romany musician Harri Stojka: "Roma in the Czech Republic need to integrate"

26-05-2006 14:11 | Dita Asiedu

Photo: CTK The Khamoro world Roma festival is once again under way in Prague. For the eighth year running Roma musicians have been flocking to the Czech capital from all over Europe and the United States to perform everything from Gypsy jazz to traditional Roma folk songs. The festival has also been offering film screenings, book readings, and an exhibition of photographs. It all culminates with a gala concert of traditional music and an international seminar - a tribute to Milena Hubschmannova, who founded the Romany studies department at Prague's Charles University and died last year.   More

Current AffairsHighlights of World Roma Festival Khamoro

30-05-2005 | Jarka Hálková

Every year we report from Khamoro the World Roma Festival, when top international Gypsy musicians gather in Prague. Their performances are always received with great enthusiasm. This year's 7th festival was no exception, and has been hailed as a great success.   More

Current Affairs"Khamoro" celebrates Gypsy art and music for the 7th time

25-05-2005 15:12 | Jarka Hálková

Photo: CTK The Khamoro World Roma Festival started in Prague once again this Tuesday. The seventh festival of Roma culture will last one week with the highpoint being a gala concert in Prague's Lucerna Ballroom on Saturday.   More


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