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20-02-2015 15:32 | Ruth Fraňková

Photo: fishtik / freeimages In Business News this week: Czech Export Bank renews euro loans for exports to Russia; Tatra Trucks sign memorandum for supply of parts to India; President set to become first owner of new-generation Škoda Superb; breweries Radegast and Krušovice win UK’s International Brewing Awards; and spirits producer Rudolf Jelínek to enlarge orchards in Chile.  More

Current AffairsŠkoda Auto drums up attention for new generation Superb

18-02-2015 15:14 | Chris Johnstone

Photo: CTK A fanfare and show usually accompanies the launch of a new car model, but Czech manufacturer Škoda Auto decided to go one better for the launch of its third generation makeover of its top of the range Superb.  More

NewsŠkoda Auto expecting sales increase with launch of new Superb

18-02-2015 10:21 | Ian Willoughby

Carmaker Škoda Auto has unveiled a new model of its Superb line, which will go on sale in June. Two previous versions of the Superb have achieved total sales of 700,000 since 2001. Speaking to journalists from around the world at the launch of the latest model in Prague’s Karlín on Tuesday, Škoda Auto CEO Winfried Vahland said the company expected its flagship car to achieve sales 25 percent higher than its predecessors. A high-end model of the new Superb will be named Laurin&Klement, a nod to the founders of the firm that later became Škoda Auto. 

NewsŠkoda Auto to unveil third-generation Superb

17-02-2015 12:57 | Ruth Fraňková

The Mladá Boleslav-based car maker Škoda Auto is set to unveil the new generation of its flagship luxury sedan, the Superb, at Prague’s Žofín on Tuesday. The Czech car maker last week published the first photos of the third generation Superb, which will be manufactured in its factories in Kvasiny and in China. The unveiling ceremony will be accompanied by the Czech Philharmonic which will perform a symphony composed especially for the occasion. 

NewsCzech Republic and Jordan sign civil nuclear agreement

11-02-2015 15:17 | Chris Johnstone

Jordan and the Czech Republic also signed on Wednesday a memorandum of cooperation on civil nuclear power. The memorandum was signed by the Czech state institute for nuclear research and its Jordanian equivalent. Jordan at the moment has no nuclear plants but is seeking to build both a small experimental test reactor and later a full blown power plant. The country would like to exploit the uranium reserves on its territory. The Czech Republic operates two nuclear power plants. 

BusinessŠkoda Auto seals agreement for Czech expansion

10-02-2015 17:02 | Chris Johnstone

Photo: Škoda Auto The government has signed a three way agreement which paves the way for the biggest Czech car maker to expand its local production.  More

BusinessŠkoda Auto to hive off hundreds of workers and cut manager numbers

28-01-2015 15:20 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: Škoda Auto The Czech Republic’s biggest car maker Škoda Auto is having one of its most successful periods and last year sold a record one million-plus vehicles. However, Mladá fronta Dnes reported on Wednesday, it is planning to hive off some workers into outside companies – a move that could spark strike action.  More

NewsŠkoda Auto prepares transfer of up to 800 workers

28-01-2015 11:54 | Chris Johnstone

The Czech Republic’s biggest car maker, Škoda Auto, is preparing itself for tougher times and a downfall in demand in spite of its record breaking year in 2014. The company is reported by the daily Mladá Fronta Dnes on Wednesday to be preparing a programme whereby hundreds of workers will be transferred and become contract workers for external companies. The move, affecting up to 800 workers, is part of an organizational shake up under which Škoda Auto focuses on manufacturing cars and other activities are spun off to external companies. Unions say they are prepared to strike over the move. 

BusinessČEZ CEO suggests new fuel tender should be held for Temelín reactors

27-01-2015 14:20 | Ruth Fraňková

Daniel Beneš, photo: Filip Jandourek A multi-billion crown tender to supply Czech power company ČEZ with nuclear fuel for its two Temelin reactors looks like it is on the horizon. ČEZ’s general manager and board chairman Daniel Beneš raised the prospect that the current contract of Russian fuel supplier TVEL might not be automatically renewed in an interview this week with the Czech weekly Respekt.  More

NewsAustrian anti-nuclear organizations determined to prevent Temelín expansion

25-01-2015 14:57 | Daniela Lazarová

Anti-nuclear organizations in Upper Austria have jointly filed a complaint against Czech plans for the expansion of the Temelín nuclear power plant by another two reactors, the APA news agency reports. The news was confirmed by Upper Austrian Environment Minister Rudi Anschober who said that all possible steps would be taken to prevent the project. Anti-nuclear organizations on the Czech side –South Bohemian Mothers Against Temelín, the Civic Initiative for Environmental Protection and Calla – have also filed a complaint against the State Institute for Nuclear Safety for approving the expansion plans. For the present time the project has been put on hold for financial reasons. 


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