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Letter from PragueHow the Commies tried to destroy my neighbourhood

07-02-2010 02:01 | Ian Willoughby

Žižkov The Commies tried to destroy my neighbourhood. I must admit I myself wasn’t actually living there at the time, but if the Communists had had their way, much of Žižkov would today be covered in grey paneláky, prefabricated blocks of flats that blight the outskirts of many Czech cities and towns.  More

NewsPrague 3 officials want metro “D” line to reach Žižkov, as planned

13-12-2008 19:49 | Ian Willoughby

Local representatives in Prague 3 are calling for a new line of the city’s underground rail network to reach their district, as originally planned, the newspaper Lidové noviny reported. A project to build a “D” line envisages five stations in Prague 3’s Žižkov district. However, there have been suggestions it could instead end at Náměstí republiky in the centre of the city. A Prague metro representative said no decision on the matter had yet been made.  

ArtsAero: a cinema with an atmosphere

07-03-2008 17:26 | Ruth Fraňková

Kino Aero, photo: CTK It’s Wednesday night and Kino Aero in Prague’s Žižkov district is swarming with people. Despite it’s slightly run down interior and uncomfortable creaky chairs this small cinema has become a legendary venue here in Prague and people don’t mind spending the extra twenty minutes or so that it takes to get here from the city centre. Kino Aero has just recently celebrated ten years of its existence and I went to meet its manager Ivo Andrle to find out what exactly it is that makes the place so special:  More

Current AffairsZizkov TV Tower celebrates its 15th anniversary

22-02-2007 16:36 | Lenka Petaková

Zizkov TV Tower, photo: CzechTourism One of the most controversial buildings in Prague, the futuristic Zizkov TV Tower, is this week celebrating its 15th anniversary. Long before that date, many people in Prague opposed the idea of such a tall and out-of-place building being erected in a largely residential area. But 15 years later, it now seems that Praguers are slowly but surely getting used to it.   More

Current AffairsCriminal science as the main theme of this year's Zizkov Carnival

19-02-2007 15:52 | Lenka Petaková

The 'Masopust' - or Carnival - in Prague's Zizkov quarter is set to come to a climax on Tuesday. 'Masopust' always takes place towards the end of winter, before the start of Lent. And though many Czechs no longer celebrate it, the tradition of 'Masopust' is slowly making a comeback. The Zizkov Town Hall has been organizing its own carnival for 14 years.   More

Current AffairsBorn by decree: Zizkov celebrates 125 years

30-05-2006 15:30 | Brian Sabin

Zizkov TV tower, photo: CTK Zizkov is one of Prague's most famous neighbourhoods, known for its numerous pubs and working class traditions. It was promoted from village to town status 125 years ago this month, and throughout May celebrations have been held marking that anniversary. Those events culminated in a re-enactment of the day the Austrian emperor officially made Zizkov a town.   More


25-06-2005 | Daniela Lazarová

The nation of beer lovers takes to tea! The women's party aims to change Czech politics. And, Jaroslav Hasek, the author of the Good Soldier Schweik finally gets a statue in Prague's Zizkov district. Find out more in Magazine with Daniela Lazarova.   More

Letter from PragueWhere is my home?

19-06-2005 | Brian Kenety

Zizkov I returned to Prague this past weekend after a three-week tour of the eastern seaboard of the United States. It began with a class reunion weekend in Washington, D.C., where I spent my "formative years." As I haven't yet gone bald or grown fat, I was more than a little curious to see who had. Call it: Revenge of the Nerd.   More

Letter from PragueA Tree Dies in Zizkov

17-04-2005 | Brian Kenety

Zizkov "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" is timeless American coming-of-age novel and a richly-plotted narrative of three generations in a poor but proud family, offering a detailed, unsentimental portrait of urban life at the beginning of the 20th century. Brooklyn, of course, is one of the five boroughs that together make up New York City.  More

Current AffairsMasks, marionettes and lots and lots of meat: Masopust 2005

09-02-2005 | Rosie Johnston

Photo: CTK Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, the period in which Christians prepare for Easter. Here in the Czech Republic many people are observing "masopust", which literally translates as "meat fast". But it isn't only about abstinence - it's also a chance to celebrate. To get a feel for the spirit of masopust, Rosie Johnston has been out and about in the Prague district of Zizkov.   More


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