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One on OneJaromíra Kostlánová – still working as a tour guide at the age of 92

18-07-2011 13:39 | Ian Willoughby

Jaromíra Kostlánová Though 92 years of age, Jaromíra Kostlánová is still working as a tour guide, introducing the sights of Prague to visitors from around the world. If that were not remarkable enough, the good-humoured nonagenarian is also one of the oldest students in the Czech Republic.  More

Czech LifeA look behind the thin walls of Czech panelák apartment buildings

16-07-2011 02:01 | Sarah Borufka

A legacy of the communists’ fascination with the pre-fabricated building method, paneláky or tower block buildings to this day can be found across the Czech Republic, often in prominent and elevated places, towering over cities and towns. After all, they were considered the height of architectural and technological progress during communism.  More

Current AffairsUnique 1980s dissident video magazine subject of new Czech TV documentary

12-07-2011 17:15 | Jan Richter

On Tuesday, the public broadcaster Czech TV is airing the first part of a new documentary series dedicated to Originální videojournal, a unique video magazine established by Czech dissidents in the late 1980s. The documentary offers some rare footage from dissident circles, as well as reports about the Velvet Revolution in November 1989.  More

NewsFormer TV announcer Vostřáková dies aged 77

08-07-2011 20:20 | Jan Velinger

The former TV programme announcer and host Milena Vostřáková – who was fired from Czechoslovak Television in 1969 for a single statement deemed as anti-Soviet – has died at the age of 77. Her family revealed the information on Friday. In March of 1969, after the defeat of the Soviet Union by Czechoslovakia at the Ice Hockey World Championships, Mrs Vostřáková called the victory not only athletic but ‘moral’ – a statement that would see her banned from the small screen and other media for 20 years. The Communists charged that her statement, which followed the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia by roughly half a year – was intended to stir up anti-Soviet sentiment. Mrs Vostřáková returned to the TV screen in 1990 and continued working in television for a number of years before retiring for good.  

Current AffairsGovernment report finds insufficient grounds for Communist party ban

08-07-2011 17:08 | Jan Richter

The Czech government’s efforts to outlaw the country’s communist party have suffered a setback. A report by the Interior Ministry, as quoted in the daily Lidové noviny on Friday, came to the conclusion that attempts to ban the party based on its political programme would have very little, if any, chances of being accepted by Czech courts. However, the cabinet is yet to debate the issue, and might decide to pursue the ban regardless of the report’s conclusions.  More

NewsCommemorative ceremonies for victims of communism

27-06-2011 21:30 | Daniela Lazarová

Former political prisoners, government and parliament officials and cultural figures gathered in Pankrac prison on Monday to mark the 61st anniversary of the murder of democratic politician Milada Horakova after a show trial in the communist 1950s. Pleas for clemency by the likes of Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill a Eleanor Roosevelt failed to have any effect. The only woman murdered by the regime, Horakova became a symbol of anti-communist resistance. Gatherings commemorating the victims of communism took place in other parts of the country.  

Current AffairsTop court cancels 1973 verdict that sent four writers to jail for anti-Soviet song

22-06-2011 15:43 | Jan Richter

The Czech Supreme Court cancelled on Wednesday a 37-year-old verdict of a communist court which sent four young writers to jail for defamation of the Soviet Union and public disturbance. The four men, who spent up to a year in prison, got into trouble in the summer of 1973 in a Prague pub – when they sang an old song with slightly innovated lyrics.  More

NewsRozvadov museum documents communist atrocities

15-05-2011 21:30 | Daniela Lazarová

A museum documenting the atrocities of the communist era has opened in the border town of Rozvadov,at the site of a former heavily-guarded communist border crossing where many people were shot to death trying to escape to the West. Called Museum of the Iron Curtain, the permanent exhibition offers visitors a glimpse of life under communism, documented on a thousand photographs and some eight hundred artefacts, including a military transmitter and an authentic phone that was the communist president’s hot-line to Moscow.  

NewsPM Nečas: RFE was beacon of light

05-05-2011 19:58 | Daniela Lazarová

Speaking at a conference marking the 60th anniversary of RFE broadcasts to Czechoslovakia, Prime Minister Petr Nečas highlighted the station’s role in toppling communism in central and Eastern Europe. He said that RFE had torn down the information barrier erected by the communist regime and served as a beacon of light, raising public awareness of democratic values and providing truthful information about what was happening behind the Iron Curtain. The conference opened with RFE’s familiar signature tune and the voice of announcer Ferdinand Peroutka who was among those who first addressed Czechs and Slovaks over the airwaves on May1st, 1951.  

PanoramaRadio Free Europe celebrates 60 years of broadcasting

05-05-2011 13:58 | Coilin O'Connor

RFE studio in Munich, Germany This month marks the 60th anniversary of the official launch of Radio Free Europe, the American-funded broadcaster which was established as an anti-communist source of information during the Cold War and is widely considered to have played a critical role in the ultimate collapse of communism. Now based in Prague, Radio Free Europe continues to provide news and information to countries where independent media reporting is either banned by government authorities or not fully developed. In this edition of Panorama, we look back at the history of Radio Free Europe, which is widely respected in many quarters, although it also has its detractors.  More


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