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ArtsStreet theatre takes over Prague’s Wenceslas Square

18-07-2014 15:55 | Jan Velinger

Photo: CTK This Friday allows visitors a final opportunity to take part in Za dveřmi, a street theatre festival which this week transformed Prague’s Wenceslas Square. The festival saw troupes from both the Czech Republic and abroad perform physical theatre, New Circus and much more.  More

One on OneArcha’s mission to spark “unusual encounters” says founder Ondřej Hrab on 20th anniversary of theatre’s opening

16-06-2014 15:41 | Ian Willoughby

Archa Theatre, photo: archive of Archa Theatre In the last two decades, Prague’s Archa Theatre has firmly established itself as the country’s foremost space for alternative drama, dance and music, hosting such luminaries as Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, John Cale and Patti Smith. This month the venue is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its opening, so I caught up with the man who created Archa and is still its director, Ondřej Hrab. He told me in his youth he had hated watching plays – but chance encounters opened his eyes to a new kind of theatre.  More

Czech BooksSam Walters and Václav Havel: theatre on the political stage

07-06-2014 02:01 | David Vaughan

Sam Walters, photo: David Vaughan Sam Walters is one of Britain’s most acclaimed theatrical directors and during his four decades as artistic director of The Orange Tree Theatre in south-west London, the theatre has enjoyed an unrivalled reputation. In today’s Czech Books, he talks to David Vaughan about his very special relationship to the work of Václav Havel.  More

ArtsSturm und Drang meets Tarantino: a new production of Schiller’s The Robbers premieres in Brno

06-06-2014 16:12 | Jan Velinger

'The Robbers', photo: archive of Reduta Theatre in Brno A new production of Friedrich Schiller’s The Robbers premiered on Thursday at the Reduta Theatre in Brno. Directed by Thomas Zielinski, the production crosses 18th century Sturm und Drang with Quentin Tarantino – updating the Romantic period classic to a contemporary setting.  More

Current AffairsShow inspired by Havel’s Vaněk among likely highlights at 13th Prague Fringe

22-05-2014 15:02 | Ian Willoughby

'Vaněk Unleashed', photo: archive of Prague Fringe Festival Now in its 13th year, the Prague Fringe Festival brings dozens of productions from around the globe to the city for nine days of alternative drama, comedy, music, dance and more. Ahead of Friday’s opening of the colourful festival, which is centred in the historic Malá Strana district, I spoke to director Steve Gove – and began by asking him what the highlights of this year’s Fringe were likely to be.  More

NewsCimrman comic theatre to get first English version of play

14-05-2014 16:05 | Ian Willoughby

Prague’s Jára Cimrman comic theatre is to put on an English language version of one of its plays for the first time. Záskok by theatre stalwarts Ladislav Smoljak and Zdeněk Svěrák will be performed next year as The Stand-In in an English version sponsored by the British Council. A staged reading of the translation, which is by Brian Stewart and Emílie Machalová, will take place at the Žižkov theatre on June 20. Jára Cimrman is a hugely popular fictitious character credited with great inventions and achievements. 

Czech HistoryYoung US actors honour child victims of Terezín

26-04-2014 02:01 | Jan Richter

Photo: A group of young actors from Philadelphia in the US visited the Czech Republic last week to give a performance at the former Nazi concentration camp of Terezín. They staged I Never Saw Another Butterfly, a play based on poetry written by child inmates of the camp, at the Attic Theatre in Terezín, the very space where some of the play’s characters performed seven decades ago.  More

ArtsThe home:scape project - looking for a home

21-03-2014 15:34 | Masha Volynsky

Photo: The home:scape project Three theatre groups from Prague, Budapest and London joined forces last year to create a multidisciplinary project called home:scape. Combining interviews, blog entries and a multimedia theatre performance the creators looked at the theme of home, trying to find out what defines that ambiguous concept for different people – those who had lived in one place their whole lives, and those who are in constant flux. I asked Jonathan Kennedy, the executive director of one of the theatre troupes - Tara Arts in London –how the idea for the project came about:  More

ArtsNew Spectaculare festival combines music, theatre and visual arts

24-01-2014 16:21 | Jan Richter

A new festival merging electronica music, contemporary theatre and dance with multimedia and visual arts is being held in the Czech capital this and next week. Entitled Spectaculare, the event brings some leading artists of these genres to Prague including Jon Hopkins from the UK and Nils Frahm from Germany. But the event also features several Czech artists and ensembles such as Clarinet Factory and Tantehorse.  More

Czech LifeTheater performance helps single mothers find their own voice

14-12-2013 02:01 | Masha Volynsky

Photo: archive of Samodiva The Czech family has changed in many ways in the past two decades, with new values and gender models entering the homes, and Communist-era mentality and standards partly waning. One growing phenomenon that few want to talk about is the increasing number of single mothers. Currently, about one in every five children in this country grows up with a single parent. And most of the around 200,000 single caretakers are women. Within the EU, the Czech Republic has one of the highest percentages of single mothers within its population.  More


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