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NewsOne hundred copies of latest issue of Charlie Hebdo sell out in Prague

16-01-2015 11:57 | Jan Velinger

The first 100 copies of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo arrived in the Czech Republic on Friday morning and promptly sold out, a representative of a news stand firm offering the publication, told the Czech News Agency. The magazine, whose office in Paris was the target of a terrorist attack last week, has been available only in Prague so far, she added. One copy cost 140 crowns. Apart from the airport and the main railway station, copies were delivered to a central shopping centre, several news stands, and a metro station retailer. An addional supply of the weekly is to be sold in the Czech Republic next week. According to available information, about 300,000 copies of Charlie Hebdo have been sent to about 25 countries. The new issue with another caricature of the Prophet Muhammad was published exactly a week after radicals killed 12 people in the weekly's office in Paris, including its editor-in-chief and leading cartoonists. 

ArtsDok revue – The preeminent Czech source for documentary film writing & analysis

23-05-2014 15:19 | Jan Velinger

Almost a decade ago, organisers at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival launched Dok revue – a journal aimed at promoting increased analysis and discussion of documentary films. The project, both in print and online, is going strong and this week Radio Prague caught up with co-founder Andrea Slováková and editor Tereza Hadravová.  More

Current AffairsEnd of an era as Prague Post goes online only

30-07-2013 15:18 | Ian Willoughby

After 22 years, the Czech capital’s main English language newspaper, The Prague Post, has disappeared for good from the city’s newsstands. Following publication last Wednesday, the weekly’s publisher announced that from now on it will exist only on the internet. To find out what led to the decision, I spoke to the Post’s new managing editor Raymond Johnston.  More

In FocusHighly-respected cycling mag Mountain Bike Action hits the stands in Czech

28-05-2013 15:44 | Jan Velinger

Photo: JK / Mountain Bike Action Mountain Bike Action magazine has been published the US since the 1980s and has become a symbol of excellence in reporting on everything from the world’s best trails and adventure biking to technical reviews and tests. The magazine is on now on just its 3rd issue in Czech.  More

One on OnePeople will pay for quality online news, says iHNed boss Lucie Tvarůžková

06-05-2013 14:48 | Ian Willoughby

Lucie Tvarůžková, photo: archive of Economia How are Czech newspapers dealing with the shift to an online world? Is their present, mainly free model sustainable? And what will the media landscape look like in a decade? One person well placed to discuss these and similar questions is Lucie Tvarůžková. She is the boss of iHNed, the news website of the leading Czech financial daily Hospodářské noviny, whose data journalism team recently won a prestigious award.  More

NewsControversial Klaus associate to launch online ‘magazine’

09-03-2013 20:11 | Jan Velinger

Petr Hájek, former vice chancellor to the president, will launch a new internet journal with the slogan of “counterrevolutionary magazine” linked to Parlamentní, the news site reports. Mr Hájek served at Prague Castle under former president Václav Klaus. Hájek, a controversial figure at Prague Castle for years, called the late Václav Havel a “servant of Satan” in a book published last year and in the past questioned, conspiracy-style, the truth of the 9/11 attacks, suggesting they could have been orchestrated by the US secret service.  

PanoramaProtiMysl – a blog dedicated to the latest trends in the Czech Republic

24-01-2013 16:14 | Sarah Borufka

Illustrative photo: Zanetta Hardy, Stock.XCHNG When Barbora Jarešová, the head of marketing at a Prague global real estate services firm, started blogging about cool places, hip design and trendy restaurants in the Czech Republic, it was mostly for her own pleasure and to inform close friends of what’s happening in Prague and other Czech cities. On her website, ProtiMysl, readers can see gorgeous photographs of little-known and unique locations – and to many foreigners, it comes as quite a surprise that there is more to Prague than dumplings, beer and art nouveau buildings. Barbora talkedabout what she would like to change about the country’s reputation, what reactions to the blog have been like so far and about her time spent abroad.  More

One on OneCzech journalist Jana Ciglerová – a media professional with experience both at home and abroad

16-07-2012 17:12 | Sarah Borufka

Jana Ciglerová studied journalism in Prague and in London, where she started working as a UK correspondent for the daily Lidové noviny when she was still a student. She has since then written for an interesting variety of publications, including The Observer. Upon her return to the Czech Republic, she became the editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, later launched a women’s weekly and currently works for the daily Mladá fronta Dnes as well as producing a TV show. In this week’s One on One, Jana Ciglerová speaks about UK media, feminism and how she first became interested in becoming a journalist.  More

One on OneTomáš Zilvar – magazine publisher focused on future media

12-12-2011 13:49 | Ian Willoughby

Tomáš Zilvar, photo: Marek Kuchařík Back in the mid 1990s Tomáš Zilvar quickly moved from putting together DIY fanzines to publishing glossy titles like Tripmag and XMAG, magazines that were focused on electronic music at a time when that genre was really taking off among young Czechs. Today Zilvar, who is still in his early 30s, has two jobs: running the Prague office of the hip New York-based magazine and website Vice; and offering digitalisation services to Czech media outlets and authors keen to enter the age of e-readers.  More

One on OneRachel Kanarowski – at just 30, editor of a major glossy magazine

17-10-2011 15:44 | Ian Willoughby

Rachel Kanarowski Rachel Kanarowski has the kind of job that must make her the absolute envy of her peers. At only 30, she is the editor-in-chief of the Czech version of InStyle, a major international women’s magazine. At the magazine’s offices, we discussed shopping in Prague and the Czech take on style. But first Kanarowski described the unlikely sounding way in which the opportunity to enter the business arose, and how she made the most of that chance.  More


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