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Current AffairsAmericans give thanks at ex-pat celebrations around Prague

24-11-2006 15:40 | Emily Udell

In the United States, Thanksgiving - one of the nation's most important holidays - is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. In Prague this year, numerous establishments catered to Americans far from home by serving up traditional Thanksgiving food and hosting full-fledged turkey dinners. Emily Udell checked out a few Thanksgiving celebrations in Prague.   More

NewsCzechs to open labour market for Bulgarians and Romanians

02-11-2006 20:03 | Pavla Horáková

The Czech Republic has decided to open its labour market to Romanians and Bulgarians when the two states join the European Union in January 2007. The announcement was made by outgoing Labour Minister Petr Necas who said that the Czech labour market must remain open to the newest EU members if Czechs, Poles, and other central Europeans are to gain the right to work in the western European countries where restrictions remain in effect. When the Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004, only the UK, Ireland and Sweden opened their labour markets immediately.  

Current AffairsCzech Republic to open doors to Romanian, Bulgarian workers

02-11-2006 15:12 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: European Commission Great Britain recently made the headlines when it announced that it will not extend its open door policy to workers from Romania and Bulgaria, when the two countries join the European Union in slightly under two months' time. Other states, such as Poland and Finland, will open their labour markets. Now the latter camp has been joined by the Czech Republic. But the labour minister says restrictions could be introduced later, if need be.   More

Current AffairsPrague's famous Globe shows a new face to the public

27-10-2006 15:16 | Emily Udell

Globe Countless coffees have been drunk, words written and ideas debated in the Globe, Prague's famous English-language bookstore and cafe. Literati like Alan Ginsberg and Ludvik Vaculik have read there, and it's has become internationally known as a meeting place for backpackers and locals alike.  More

Business NewsBusiness News

06-10-2006 13:54 | Linda Maštalíř

Prague court dismisses CSOB's complaint against Japanese bank Nomura. Wireless internet in Prague awaits EU decision. Komercni banka's owner to expand into Slovakia. Czech market attracts more foreigners. Prague 13th most favorable European location for business.   More

Business NewsBusiness News

01-09-2006 15:15 | Ian Willoughby

In Business News: average monthly wages grow by 6.9 percent - 3.9 percent in real terms; the government approves a steep rise in excise duty on tobacco products; tens of thousands of Ukrainian workers are taking the opportunity to legalise their status and escape the influence of criminal middlemen, says the country's ambassador; sales of downloads slow a continuing fall in overall music sales; the BBC changes its licence and gets to stay on the Czech airwaves; and Eurotel is now operating under the name O2.   More

Current AffairsDobruska's Czech summer school is underway

17-08-2006 14:27 | Linda Maštalíř

Dobruska In its sixteenth year now, the Czech language summer school in Dobruska, north Bohemia, is in full swing. With 66 students from all around the world enrolled this year, the program is as popular as ever.   More

NewsNew squad set up to fight forced labour and exploitation

15-08-2006 20:08 | Daniela Lazarová

A new police squad has been established to fight forced labour and exploitation of workers in the Czech Republic. This concerns mainly foreigners from Ukraine, Moldavia and Russia who are forced into prostitution or exploited in menial jobs. The unit's head Jan Mikes said that the Czech Republic had little experience in this field for the present time and was gathering know-how from abroad, particularly from the Netherlands. According to the daily Lidove Noviny up to 20,000 foreigners work in the Czech Republic illegally and an estimated 80 percent of those are subjected to forced labour or exploited.  

SpecialStudents introduced to all things Czech at Summer School of Slavonic Studies in Prague

04-08-2006 14:11 | Šárka Halasová

This year's Summer School of Slavonic studies is in full swing at Prague's Charles University. Almost 250 people are immersed in the study of Czech language, culture, and life. Students from all over the world - around 40 countries in all - and all degrees of education come together to brave the difficulties of learning Czech.  More

Current AffairsCzech Police force hoping to recruit more Roma, Vietnamese and Ukrainians

03-08-2006 14:30 | Dita Asiedu

The Czech Police force has decided to recruit members of three minority groups. If everything goes according to plan, more Roma, Vietnamese and Ukrainians could join the force as early as next year. Dita Asiedu reports:   More


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