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BusinessTourism stagnates despite massive state spending

28-07-2014 17:10 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: Patrycja Cieszkowska, Free Images While the Czech Republic has made an enormous investment in tourism in recent years, the injection of funds has failed to yield positive results, according to a new report.  More

Current AffairsTest finds foreigners charged more in central Prague restaurants

25-07-2014 15:19 | Jan Richter

Illustrative photo: archive of Radio Prague Some restaurants in Prague’s central district discriminate against foreigners, according to the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. The agency says that in several restaurants in the area, English-speaking inspectors posing as tourists were automatically levied with a service charge – unlike their Czech-speaking colleagues who dined in the same place at the same time.  More

Current AffairsFourth edition of Prague USE.IT map launched

16-07-2014 14:36 | Jan Velinger

This Wednesday saw the launch of the new Prague USE.IT map, the fourth edition of a map which takes visitors off the beaten path. USE.IT, with a history dating back to the late 1960s, represents “no nonsense” tourism for young people interested in getting closer to the heart of the city and real life.  More

NewsMasterCard: Prague ranks as Europe’s ninth most attractive city for visitors

16-07-2014 13:11 | Jan Richter

Around 4.89 million people are set to visit the Czech capital this year which makes it the ninth most attractive city in Europe, according to the MasterCard Index of Global Destination Cities for 2014. London, with an estimated 18.7 million visitors, tops the global index, followed by Bangkok, Paris and Singapore. Prague, which last year ranked 10th among Europe’s most popular destinations, is supposed to attract 400,000 more visitors than in 2013, and 1.1 million more than in the previous year. MasterCard CEO for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Miroslav Lukeš said that in total, tourists are expected to spend around 3.8 million dollars on each day of their stay in Prague. 

NewsCzech holidaymakers in Craotia get assistance from Czech police

12-07-2014 17:02 updated | Daniela Lazarová

Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec and Police President Tomáš Tuhý have concluded a three-day working visit to Croatia. Craotia is one of the most popular holiday destinations with Czechs and the two country’s police forces cooperate in dealing with holiday makers’ problems. Throughout the summer and autumn a group of Czech police officers join Croat patrols to help deal with traffic accidents, thefts of documents and other problems. They also operate a phone helpline in Czech. According to the Croat authorities Czech tourists are relatively problem free and the joint patrols eliminate serious problems. 

NewsPolice to heighten controls during summer break

24-06-2014 17:17 | Jan Velinger

Traffic police around the country will increase controls on Czech roads ahead of the upcoming summer holidays in an effort to lower traffic accidents. The month of June registered a markedly higher number of fatalities on Czech roads than last year: 54 people lost their lives in accidents – 27 more than during the same period last year. The first three summer holiday weekends will see the police concentrate on major roads and highways. Between July 21 and 27 they will also focus on tourist busses. 

PanoramaNational Heritage Institute: many of the country’s gems still undiscovered by foreign tourists

19-06-2014 15:30 | Daniela Lazarová

Lednice chateau, photo: CzechTourism The National Heritage Institute which is responsible for the protection and preservation of the country’s historical monuments has over 100 palaces, castles and manor houses in its care. Over the past 20 years it has worked hard to restore many of those long-neglected buildings to their former glory and today they represent the best part of the country’s national heritage. Regrettably, many of those outside Prague remain undiscovered by foreign tourists. Tomáš Brabec of the National Heritage Institute says this is something that the institute is trying hard to change.  More

NewsMinister warns Czech tourists could face complications in unstable North African states

12-06-2014 13:02 | Ian Willoughby

Czech holidaymakers may face more complications this summer than in previous years, the minister of foreign affairs, Lubomír Zaorálek, said on Thursday. Mr. Zaorálek said some destinations in North Africa popular with Czechs were not entirely safe at present, adding that would-be tourists should pay close attention to the situation in the states in question. As in previous years, temporary Czech consulates will be opened at resorts in Croatia, Bulgaria and Spain. 

Current AffairsMinistry plans to regulate Segway traffic in Prague

11-06-2014 15:41 | Jan Richter

Photo: DraXus, CC BY 2.0 A growing number of visitors to Prague are using the Segways two-wheelers to get around the city’s historic centre. But their increased presence in pedestrian areas has long been annoying local inhabitants concerned about risks of accidents on the busy sidewalks. Local authorities in central Prague have been calling for legislation that would push Segways onto the roads. However, the Czech Transport Ministry is instead considering officially classifying Segways as pedestrians. I discussed the issue with the ministry’s spokesman Tomáš Neřold.  More

Business NewsBusiness News

09-05-2014 13:51 | Chris Johnstone

Photo: Barbora Kmentová In this week’s Business News: first finance ministry fine for foreign bet; building sector to get substantial boost; water companies angered at regulation move; gold prospectors get ministry brush off; and tourist industry gets slow 2014 start.  More


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