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No mass repatriation planned, Zaorálek tells Czechs in Ukraine

17-09-2014 15:06 | Ian Willoughby

Volynhia, photo: Szender László, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

Volynhia, photo: Szender László, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

Prague is not planning a mass repatriation of ethnic Czechs from Ukraine, the Czech Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek said on a visit to the community on Wednesday. The minister said they were not in apparent danger and that it was already easy for them to move to the Czech Republic.  More

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Czechs seek action over food waste

17-09-2014 15:06 | Ruth Fraňková

Every year, some 700 tonnes of food in the Czech Republic end up in waste bins, which means that every single Czech annually wastes around 70 kilograms of food. The Food Waste 2014 conference which has just opened in Prague attempts to tackle the problem and support projects against food waste. More

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Czech companies upbeat about business prospects in Iran

17-09-2014 16:01 | Jan Richter

A Czech business delegation has visited Iran on a fact-finding mission, the first of its kind in recent decades. Some 20 Czech firms, from machinery companies to pharmaceuticals producers, took part in the trip which could herald future closer cooperation between Iran and the Czech Republic, provided that sanctions imposed on Tehran over its controversial nuclear programme are lifted.  More

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Sports News

Sports News

15-09-2014 13:18 | Ian Willoughby

Radek Štěpánek, Tomáš Berdych, photo: CTK In Sports News this Monday: Czechs’ great run in Davis Cup ends with semi-finals defeat to France – question marks hang over future involvement of star men Berdych and Štěpánek; Brno-Zlín ice hockey game abandoned after 13 minutes due to fog as Extraliga resumes; and Sparta drop more points in football top flight.  More

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One on One

Jirka Mrázek – trading in Communist-era design items with firm Nanovo

15-09-2014 15:15 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: Nanovo The company Nanovo trades in classic design items from Czechoslovakia’s Communist era. With a name that translates as ‘again’ or ‘afresh’, Nanovo sells everything from kitschy chandeliers to simple plastic phones to old-fashioned armchairs. Jirka Mrázek is one of two Praguers in their late 20s behind the firm, which since last summer has been operating out of a small warehouse in Vysočany, an old industrial part of the city.  More

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Czech History

“Adventurers Against Their Will” highlights fate of people displaced during WWII

13-09-2014 02:01 | Jan Richter

Photo: archive of Joanie Schirm During the Second World War, millions of people lost their homes, family and friends, and were forced to start new lives elsewhere. The book Adventurers Against Their Will traces several such stories, based on wartime correspondence between a Czech Jewish physician who found refuge in China, and his friends and relatives scattered around the world. The award-winning book by Joanie Schirm has just come out in Czech.  More

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Letter from Prague

Very local radio

13-09-2014 02:01 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: Ian Willoughby On the way down the hill from the Roman Catholic graveyard in the small town of Třešť in the Vysočina I was surprised by a short burst of music. It came from a rather inconspicuous loudspeaker on a pole by a terraced house. More

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Scotland looks to lessons of short-lived Czech-Slovak monetary union

17-09-2014 13:30 | Chris Johnstone

Photo: CTK The short lived Czech and Slovak monetary union has been in the spotlight again as the referendum vote on Scottish independence looms on Thursday. A similar currency union allowing Scotland to keep the pound is one of the targets of those backing...  More

Czech Energy Regulatory Office seeks to toughen gas reserve demands in case of crisis

16-09-2014 14:35 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: European Commission In the wake of reduced deliveries of Russian gas to Poland, Slovakia and Austria in recent weeks - the EU’s dependence on Russian gas and finding alternative supplies to boost security has shot up the agenda again. And alongside other European countries...  More


In Focus

Czech expats seek to strengthen language links

16-09-2014 16:00 | Ruth Fraňková

Photo: Miloš Turek Czech expats from around the world gathered in Prague last week for a conference on maintaining their native language skills abroad. Czechoslovak exiles who fled the country after the war or after the Soviet-led invasion of 1968, descendants of the old...  More

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Current Affairs

Foreign Minister pledges Czech support for Iraq

16-09-2014 15:24 | Jan Velinger

Photo: Czech Army A major conference in Paris on Monday called by French President Francois Hollande has seen 30 countries pledge to help fight militants from Islamic State by “all means necessary”. Most recognized as grave the threat to the region by militants who seized...  More

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The UMPRUM arts academy exhibits at London Design Festival for the first time

16-09-2014 15:24 | Ruth Fraňková

Sebastian Kitzberger, photo: archive of UMPRUM This week, the prestigious London Design Festival gets under way in the British capital. For the first time ever students of the Glass and Product Design studios of the UMPRUM Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design will get a chance to present their...  More

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Sunday Music Show

The early music ensemble Ginevra brings history to life

14-09-2014 02:01 | Daniela Lazarová

Ginevra, photo: archive of Ginevra The music ensemble GINEVRA specializes in early music, drawing on Irish and Scottish melodies and composing their own songs inspired by local legends. The group’s name harks back to the days of King Arthur, Queen Ginevra and the Knights of the Round...  More

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Czech Books

Marek Toman: The Special Meaning of Pancakes

13-09-2014 02:01 | David Vaughan

Marek Toman, photo: David Vaughan The work of the novelist Marek Toman is diverse. It takes us from Jewish Prague in the 16th century all the way to the drama of the Velvet Revolution four hundred years later. He has even written one novel in which radio becomes a central character....  More

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