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Ombudswoman’s defence of hijab sparks heated debate in the Czech Republic

29-08-2014 15:21 | Ruth Fraňková

Illustrative photo: Ruth Livingstone / freeimages

Illustrative photo: Ruth Livingstone / freeimages

Czech Ombudswoman Anna Šabatová has stirred heated debate on the Czech political scene by standing up for two students who were banned from wearing headscarves at a medical school in Prague. Politicians across the political spectrum as well as President Miloš Zeman have criticized her move, arguing that foreigners should respect Czech cultural traditions.  More

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Brave New Worlds the theme of upcoming Fresh Film Fest

29-08-2014 16:52 | Jan Velinger

The Fresh Film Fest – highlighting films by debuting directors, students and professionals – is just around the corner, set to take place in Prague in the second half of September. Ahead of the festival, Radio Prague spoke to Fresh Film’s programme director Michal Hogenauer. More

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Vice-president of the Confederation of Industry: Russia will always be an important third market for Czech exporters

28-08-2014 16:03 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Agnés Joyaut Intensive negotiations are underway to try to cushion the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on Czech exporters. The Agriculture Ministry has estimated this year’s loses at around 300 million crowns while the Confederation of Industry is talking about billion crown losses due to disappearing contracts, problematic funding and heightened competition from Asian exporters on the Russian market.  More

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In Focus

Raketon - a myriad of sounds on two strings

26-08-2014 15:36 | Masha Volynsky

Raketon, photo: Tomáš Rasl A one-of-a-kind instrument called raketon made its first public appearance three years ago in a museum exhibit, but this week it had its debut in a contemporary classical music concert, together with Prague’s Berg Orchestra. I had a chance to speak to Raketon’s inventor Michal Cimala and to composer Jakub Rataj who mastered this simple and elegant instrument and wrote the first orchestral piece that includes it.  More

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One on One

Darek Jakubowicz: One of group of Bohemians’ fans about to retrace famous 1927 tour of Australia

25-08-2014 15:51 | Ian Willoughby

Darek Jakubowicz, photo: Ian Willoughby Next Monday a group of fans of Bohemians 1905 are setting off on a huge adventure. The supporters are heading to Australia to retrace a famous 1920s tour that gave the Prague soccer club both their name and their “kangaroo” logo. Among the party visiting 10 cities Down Under will be Darek Jakubowicz, whose family company are majority shareholders and main sponsors of Bohemians. More

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Sunday Music Show

Brno’s alternative “supergroup” Dunaj

24-08-2014 02:01 | Jan Richter

Dunaj, photo: Czech Television In the late 1980s, the city of Brno boasted a vibrant rock scene with one of its major fixtures being the band Dunaj. The group formed in 1987 by the singer Iva Bittová, drummer Pavel Fajt and other renowned musicians, and went on to release four studio albums before their eventual break-up a decade later. Dunaj, whose music style has been described as intense and challenging, had a lasting influence on the Czech indie scene of the 1990s.  More

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Business News

29-08-2014 15:48 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: athewma / freeimages Business News: the Czech government debates measures to cushion the impact of the EU-Russian sanctions, Prague hosts a two-day Chinese Investment Forum, Škoda Auto aims to increase its sales in China and Czech farmers expect a record grain harvest.   More

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Export-focused textiles industry benefits from weakened crown

28-08-2014 14:37 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: archive of Radio Prague Czech textiles firms have benefited significantly from the Czech National Bank’s intervention to weaken the country’s currency the crown last November. According to a report in Thursday’s edition of the financial daily Hospodářské noviny, manufacturers...  More


Current Affairs

Attendance of top Chinese official at Prague forum reflects reset in relations

28-08-2014 15:39 | Ian Willoughby

Bohuslav Sobotka, Zhang Gaoli, photo: CTK Over a thousand delegates from China, the Czech Republic and other European states gathered at Prague Castle on Thursday for the start of a China Investment Forum, the biggest event of its kind ever held in this country. It comes amid Czech efforts to...  More

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New site offers unusual tours of Prague

28-08-2014 15:39 | Ruth Fraňková

Photo: archive of Guidilo Tour de Beer, Hula-hoop in Prague, Roast Sausage or River Valley Jogging Tour – these are just some of offers on a new website called Guidilo. The unusual travel service wants to help visitors from all around the world to get to know Prague through an...  More

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Sports News

Sports News

25-08-2014 15:53 | Ian Willoughby

Sparta Prague - Dukla Prague, photo: CTK In Sports News this Monday: Two league defeats in two weekends for Sparta – weakened side no excuse, says Lavička; Špotáková beaten for first time this season in Birmingham; Kvitová lifts New Haven title on eve of US Open; and no medals for Czechs at...  More

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Czech Life

The “Old Bohemian” Trdelník

23-08-2014 02:01 | Dominik Jůn

Trdelník, photo: Kristýna Maková Old Town Square in the middle of a typically busy tourist-filled summer’s day. Along one side are several food stalls, which are a relatively new feature for the Old Town. They are selling crepes and hams and sausages and one unmistakable stall is selling...  More

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My Prague

My Prague – Adam Štěch

23-08-2014 02:01 | Ian Willoughby

Adam Štěch, photo: Ian Willoughby Adam Štěch writes for the leading Czech design magazine Dolce Vita, as well as high-end international outlets like the website Coolhunting and Mark magazine. He also takes part in projects around Europe as part of the Okolo design collective, which produces...  More

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