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Czechs and Slovaks - more than just neighbours

28-10-2016 02:01 | Dominik Jůn

Czechoslovak Independence Day is a public holiday in the Czech Republic, marking the founding of the Czechoslovak state back in 1918. For this special programme, I am joined by noted Czech historian, and expert on all matters Czech and Slovak, Professor Jan Rychlík. More

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Current Affairs

Holocaust survivor George Brady honoured by the PM and Parliament

27-10-2016 13:48 | Daniela Lazarová

Jiří Brady and Bohuslav Sobotka, photo: ČTK Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka on Thursday bestowed the Karel Kramář Memorial Medal on Holocaust survivor George Brady in recognition of his life-long work for democracy and human rights. The Auschwitz survivor, who was reportedly crossed off the list of nominees for a state award from President Zeman, has become a central figure in the Czechoslovak Independence Day celebrations getting recognition from institutions around the country. More

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George Brady: A story of tragedy and survival

27-10-2016 11:35 | Ian Willoughby, David Vaughan

George Brady, photo: Kristýna -Maková George Brady, who is 88, currently finds himself at the centre of one of the most divisive political affairs seen in the Czech Republic in some time. Amid the hullabaloo, it might be easy to overlook the remarkable life story of the 88-year-old Holocaust survivor, whose family’s fate featured in the book Hana’s Suitcase. Ian Willoughby has more.  More

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Czech nanotech companies move from strength to strength

26-10-2016 10:09 | Chris Johnstone

Recyclable battery, photo: archive of HE3DA Around a year ago I traced some of the achievements of the Czech Republic’s nano technology companies, many of which are making an impact on the European and global scene. Twelve months on, I went back to the source, chairman of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association, Jiří Kůs, and asked him how companies and key sectors are faring in this cutting edge part of the market.  More

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Czech Books

The Bohemian Queen who saved London - and other true stories

22-10-2016 02:01 | David Vaughan

Hana Whitton, photo: Danka1, CC BY-SA 3.0 You may well have heard of the English princess who became Queen of Bohemia for just one winter, but did you know that it was a Bohemian queen who persuaded Richard II not to burn down London in a fit of rage? Or at least, so the story goes. The historical links between Bohemia and Britain go back a very long way, and have become something of an obsession for the Czech novelist Hana Whitton.  More

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Aircraft Industries at centre of tug of war: report

27-10-2016 16:19 | Jan Velinger

Aircraft Industries, photo: ČT Struggling Czech aircraft company Aircraft Industries is subject to an ownership tug of war between local aviation group Aero Vodochody and the Chinese conglomerate CEFC, according to the business daily Hospodářske Noviny.   More

Czech Republic to have highest budget surplus in modern history, but opposition says not due to good management

26-10-2016 14:36 | Daniela Lazarová

Andrej Babiš, photo: CTK Finance Minister Andrej Babiš has reason to celebrate – by all accounts the year will end on the highest budget surplus in the country’s modern history. However contrary to expectations the government has not drafted a balanced or even surplus budget...  More

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Bestowing of state honours changed with the times, from the First Republic to the communist era to the present day

27-10-2016 11:27 | Jan Velinger

Photo: Czech TV Every October 28th, marking the founding of the former Czechoslovakia, the president presents state honours to chosen recipients which recognise their life’s work, sacrifice and outstanding contribution. Awards range from the country’s highest honours...  More

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One on One

Eva Jiřičná, part 2: Wenceslas Sq. “biggest loss” in post-1989 development of Prague

24-10-2016 14:06 | Ian Willoughby

Eva Jiřičná, photo: Barbora Kmentová Stripped of her citizenship by Czechoslovakia’s Communist authorities after 1968, architect Eva Jiřičná, then in her late 20s, remained in London. In the UK her sleek interiors were a major success and she soon developed an international reputation....  More

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22-10-2016 02:01 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: archive of Radio Prague In Magazine: Prague among top 20 most visited cities in the world; police officers complain their bulletproof vests aren’t bulletproof; a minor takes two buses on a joyride; a Czech bug enthusiast boasts a 10cm cockroach and the most bizarre things Czechs...  More

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