Sunday Music Show

Lenka Dusilová: Czech musician constantly re-inventing herself

26-04-2015 02:01 | Ruth Fraňková

Lenka Dusilová, photo: Kristýna Maková This week’s Sunday Music Show is dedicated to the award-winning singer and songwriter Lenka Dusilová, whose music is distinguished for drawing inspiration from different styles and genres. We will be listening to her most recent albums released in collaboration with her indie-pop band Baromantika.  More

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Czech History

Bloody conclusion of WWII in Czech lands

25-04-2015 02:01 | Chris Johnstone

Liberation of Prague by Red Army, photo: Karel Hájek, CC BY-SA 3.0 In this week’s edition of Czech History we look at the situation in Bohemia and Moravia in late April and early May 1945 in the run up to commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII. We draw on the recollections of US soldiers Czech resistance fighters, and forced labour and concentration camp workers seeking to return home as the hostilities ended. More

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An American foodie goes to Prague

A perfect coffee break

25-04-2015 02:01 | Halley Crane

Photo: Masha Volynsky As a former barista and caffeine addict, one of my first priorities when coming to Prague was to find a good coffee shop, also known as a kavarna in Czech. Along the way I have discovered several distinct and delightful differences between American and Czech coffee culture. Coffee culture in Europe as a whole seems to be held in higher esteem than back in the States.  More

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Czech Books

Allen Ginsberg and other immoral menaces

25-04-2015 02:01 | David Vaughan

Allen Ginsberg as the King of May, photo:, CC BY-SA 3.0 Fifty years ago, on 1 May 1965, annual student festivities in Prague to mark the joys of spring culminated in the American Beat poet Allen Ginsberg being declared “Král majálesu” – the King of May. A week later, Ginsberg’s visit to Czechoslovakia was cut short when the authorities labelled him an “immoral menace” and put him on a plane to London. But the Czech affection for the writings of the Beat Generation remains to this day.  More

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Acclaimed pianist and composer Dan Tepfer on classical music, improvisation, and jazz

24-04-2015 15:11 | Jan Velinger

Dan Tepfer, photo: Vincent Soyez In this week’s Arts, our guest is the New York-based jazz pianist and composer Dan Tepfer, who has received great acclaim for his take on J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations as well as other projects. Dan Tepfer was in the Czech Republic this week for a special performance at Prague Castle as part of the American Spring.  More

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National Heritage Institute promoting country’s “hidden treasures”

23-04-2015 17:19 | Daniela Lazarová

Kratochvíle, photo: Barbora Kmentová With the start of the tourist season in April hundreds of castles and chateaus around the Czech Republic open their doors to visitors. In addition to their historical value these sites have become cultural hubs, providing a wonderful backdrop for the concerts, theatre performances, craft fairs and historical fencing shows that are regularly organized to attract visitors.  More

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Sports News

Sports News

20-04-2015 15:38 | Ian Willoughby

Petra Kvitová, photo: CTK In Sports News: Defending champions Czech Republic reach Fed Cup win over France in semi-finals – non-playing captain Pála says team are just as hungry as before first title; Třinec keep playoffs alive after equalising against Litvínov with 36 seconds to go; and no “bounce” for Sparta after replacing Lavička with Ščasný. More

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18-04-2015 02:01 | Pavla Horáková

Leopold Jansa, photo: Public Domain Today in Mailbox: Response from a listener in Argentina, how to subscribe to Radio Prague's e-mail newsletter, details about our monthly competition as well as answers to last month's question. Listeners/readers quoted: Steven Thoresdale, Jean McDonald, Valery Lugovski, Li Ming, Deblina Biswas, Paul R Peacock, Colin Law, Mary Lou Krenek, Hans Verner Lollike.  More

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Business News

24-04-2015 15:02 | Ruth Fraňková

Photo: Škoda Auto In Business News this week: Czech public finance deficit to gradually drop to 0.6 percent in 2018; Škoda Auto agrees with unions on 3.5 percent salary hike; Zdeněk Bakala steps down from NWR board of directors; Cetelem discusses purchase of loss-making...  More

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Czech tourism sector presents mixed picture in 2014

24-04-2015 13:43 | Chris Johnstone

Photo: Kristýna Maková The latest snapshot of the Czech tourism sector presents mixed news with more guests overall but shorter stays. And while the relatively small top end of the market was surging ahead, the cheaper options were mostly struggling.   More


Current Affairs

Hockey club Litvínov clinch first Extraliga title in club’s history

24-04-2015 15:10 | Jan Velinger

Martin Ručinský, photo: CTK Czech hockey club Litvínov on Thursday clinched their first-ever Extraliga title, downing opponents Třinec in a deciding game 7. Litvínov at one point led the series 3-1 but Třinec clawed back to force a nail-biting finish.   More

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Prague’s Ironing Ladies: Providing work from home for disadvantaged women

22-04-2015 15:42 | Jan Velinger

Photo: The official Facebook page of the Ironing Ladies Jan Roháč and Martin Jůza are the co-founders of Ironing Ladies, a project launched over year ago employing women part-time who (for health reasons or the care of disabled family members) otherwise find it impossible to hold down a regular job. The project...  More

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In Focus

Czech initiative bears free fruit

21-04-2015 15:38 | Ruth Fraňková

Photo: archive of Radio Prague With the arrival of spring, fruit trees across the Czech Republic have started to bloom, promising to yield a rich harvest in the months to come. For those who don’t own a patch of land but would still like to experience the pleasure of picking fruit...  More

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One on One

Life story of traveller Zikmund (95) like journey in time, says documentarian Petr Horký

20-04-2015 15:43 | Ian Willoughby

Petr Horký, Miroslav Zikmund, photo: Jindřich Böhm The new documentary The Old Man and the World explores the life of one of the greatest of Czech travellers, Miroslav Zikmund. The exploits of Zikmund (now almost 96) and his partner Jiří Hanzelka made them big stars in a period beginning in the late...  More

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Czech Life

A project for schools about the Czech Muslim community and Islam which a local group tried to derail

18-04-2015 02:01 | Jan Velinger

Photo: hin255 / In this week’s Czech Life we speak to Šádí Shanaáh, who is one of the founders of Muslims through the Eyes of Czech Students, a concise handbook and course for secondary school students aimed at providing information about the country’s Muslim community...  More

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