My Prague

My Prague – Adam Štěch

23-08-2014 02:01 | Ian Willoughby

Adam Štěch, photo: Ian Willoughby Adam Štěch writes for the leading Czech design magazine Dolce Vita, as well as high-end international outlets like the website Coolhunting and Mark magazine. He also takes part in projects around Europe as part of the Okolo design collective, which produces an impressive magazine of its own. Our tour of “Adam Štěch’s Prague” begins downtown on the plaza beside the National Theatre and behind the institution’s futuristic New Stage building.  More

Czech Life

The “Old Bohemian” Trdelník

23-08-2014 02:01 | Dominik Jůn

Trdelník, photo: Kristýna Maková Old Town Square in the middle of a typically busy tourist-filled summer’s day. Along one side are several food stalls, which are a relatively new feature for the Old Town. They are selling crepes and hams and sausages and one unmistakable stall is selling what is known as Trdelník. It is a sweet delicacy that is baked on a coal fire; it is tube-shaped, so it rotates around the heat much like a spit roast piece of pork. And it has become quite an unmistakable item, which has been marketed as something which is “Old Bohemian”. I am going now to find out what some tourists that have bought the pastry make of it. More


Words, words, words

23-08-2014 02:01 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Kristýna Maková Hello and welcome to another edition of SoundCzech in which you can learn Czech phrases with the help of song lyrics. Today’s song is by the group Spiritual Kvintet and the phrase to listen out for is “správné slovo”.  More


Nika Kupyrova: Creating myths of home and demons that hide within

22-08-2014 15:50 | Masha Volynsky

'Head Hunter', photo: Nika Kupyrova Nika Kupyrova has traversed Europe from East to West and back. Born in Ukraine and having grown up in Prague, she went on to study art in Edinburgh and Iceland. Now Nika lives and works in Vienna, and partly in Prague, creating installations and photographs of dream-like creatures and spaces. Currently, the young artist has an installation at the Windows Gallery in Vienna - the new art space of the Czech Center in Austria.  More

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Summer school in Dobruška brings together Czech expats from around the world

21-08-2014 16:48 | Tom McEnchroe

Photo: archive of Radio Prague Each summer the small eastern Bohemian town of Dobruška becomes a home to dozens of people from around the world who come to reconnect with the language and customs of their Czech ancestors. The summer programme, organized by Prague’s Charles University and supported by the Czech government, offers intensive language courses as well as an insight into Czech culture and way of life.  More

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One on One

Helsinki Committee’s work was only getting started when communism fell, says director Lucie Rybová

18-08-2014 15:37 | Ian Willoughby

Lucie Rybová, foto: Ian Willoughby Along with Charter 77 and the Committee for the Defence of the Unjustly Persecuted, the Czechoslovak Helsinki Committee was a key dissident organisation in the communist period, pressuring the government to adhere to its human rights commitments. Today known as the Czech Helsinki Committee, it is still active, advocating for people who often have nowhere else to turn. I discussed the committee’s work with its director, Lucie Rybová. But I first asked her about the reasons for its establishment, in November 1988.  More

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Sunday Music Show

Prodavač – “Salesmen” of beguiling low-key synthpop

17-08-2014 02:01 | Ian Willoughby

Prodavač, photo: YouTube Led by singer and keyboardist Pavel Kabelík, Prodavač ("shop assistant") are an ‘80s influenced alternative group whose intimate synthpop is complemented by thoughtful lyrics. After releasing an EP in 2011, the band returned in February with a very well-received debut album, Malý ráje (Little Paradises).  More

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President Zeman says weak crown could be national bank move to delay the euro

22-08-2014 15:48 | Tom McEnchroe

Miloš Zeman, photo: CTK President Miloš Zeman suggested during a press conference following a meeting with representatives of the Bohemian-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (ČMKOS) on Thursday that the Czech National Bank may be devaluing the crown in order to avoid entering...  More

Business News

22-08-2014 15:44 | Chris Johnstone

Photo: archive of OKD In Business News this week: Mining group NWR comes up with better than expected results but crunch meeting over restructuring still looms; tax offices are getting tough over dubious breaks for research and innovation; Slovak government jumps in over...  More

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Current Affairs

Radical plan for crumbling Czech monuments draws criticism

22-08-2014 15:43 | Jan Richter

Ostravica-Textilia, photo: F. Tichý The sorry state of hundreds of Czech historical buildings and other registered landmarks has prompted a radical proposal. Deputy Czech ombudsman Stanislav Křeček has suggested that regardless of who owns a monument the authorities should pay for its renovation...  More

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Car-hail service Uber fears no backlash from Prague launch

20-08-2014 16:13 | Jan Richter

Photo: archive of Uber Prague has recently become the latest city where the smart-phone based car-hailing service Uber has become available. Since its launch in San Francisco in 2009, the app has become popular around the world. However, in many cities, the company faces protests...  More

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In Focus

Foreign universities court Czech students as competition between institutions increases

19-08-2014 15:43 | Chris Johnstone

Gaudeamus fair, photo: Pavel Cyprich Czech students are sought after not just by local universities and colleges, but also by their European counterparts as student numbers dwindle across the continent. But while they are faced with more choice, Czech students also face a more difficult...  More

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Sports News

Sports News

18-08-2014 16:34 | Ian Willoughby

In Sports News this Monday: Veselý dedicates Zurich silver to late coach Halva; Pedroza wins Brno MotoGP to deny Marquez while Abraham is best of the Czechs; Koubek has dream start at Plzeň, so why the boos?; and Berdych slips in rankings.   More

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