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Czech prime minister joins world leaders at climate change conference in Paris

30-11-2015 13:46 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: CTK

Photo: CTK

Close to 150 world leaders have descended on Paris for a much anticipated UN climate change conference with the aim of producing a legally binding climate treaty that would keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 C. The EU’s contribution to the agreement will be a binding greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of at least 40% by 2030.  More

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Sports News

Sports News

30-11-2015 15:22 | Ian Willoughby

Michal Šlesingr (left), photo: CTK In Sports News this Monday: Czech mixed biathlon relay team come third in first event of season – coach Rybář says competition will be high this time out; Šárka Strachová enjoys best start to slalom World Cup in six years; Extraliga strugglers (and champions) Litvínov sack assistant coach; and Sparta Prague FC have now lost over CZK 1 billion since owner took over.  More

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One on One

Everything became black and white with signing of Charter 77, says cleric Tomáš Bísek

30-11-2015 14:59 | Ian Willoughby

Tomáš Bísek, photo: Milena Štráfeldová Protestant cleric Tomáš Bísek was forced to leave Czechoslovakia in the 1980s for his dissident activities and spent over a decade ministering in Scotland. His family had been active members of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren and – despite the communist regime – he himself had eventually become a clergyman in a small town in the Bohemian Moravian Highlands. However, his life became increasingly difficult after he and his wife signed the Charter 77 protest document.  More

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28-11-2015 02:01 | Pavla Horáková

Franz Hruschka, photo: Public Domain Today in Mailbox: Czech Christmas carols, answers to last month's mystery Czech quiz, a brand new quiz question. Listeners/readers quoted: Karel Smolek, Meng Cheng, Sowmya Chitturi, Jahangir Alam Manto, Hans Verner Lollike, Mary Lou Krenek, P. Sivashanmugham.  More

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Aussie Film Fest offers taste of Australian drama & comedy

27-11-2015 16:08 | Jan Velinger

Photo: archive of Aussie Film Fest The Aussie Film Fest opened at Prague’s Lucerna theatre on Thursday, with more days and more films in its second edition. This year, the festival is also being held in Bratislava and features a number of hits which saw premieres just recently.  More

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Former intelligence chief: We have known for a long time that terrorists use this country as a safe haven or transit state

26-11-2015 16:08 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Filip Jandourek Ever since the terrorist attacks in Paris, security issues have been at the forefront of public and media attention in the Czech Republic. Although the country’s intelligence says it has no indication of an imminent threat, security has been tightened around key institutions and will remain so at least until the end of the year. The need to consider security is affecting things like the traditional lighting of the Christmas tree on Old Town Square as well as people’s travel plans for the holidays.  More

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In Focus

Supermarket stereotypes targeted by food waste campaigners

24-11-2015 15:52 | Ruth Fraňková

Gleaning, photo: archive of Zachraň jídlo The average European throws out around one hundred kilos of foodstuffs every year, and the Czech Republic is no exception. For several years now, an initiative called Zachraň Jídlo or Save Food has been trying to prevent the enormous waste as well as raise Czechs’ awareness of the problem. Along with organising food donations, it attempts to provide information and solutions to all participants in the food chain, from producers to distributors and consumers.  More

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Can power companies meet the Paris climate challenges?

30-11-2015 13:57 | Chris Johnstone

Photo: Horst 74, CC BY 3.0 If the Paris climate change summit delivers on ambitious goals and targets, then the main burden will fall on energy companies to deliver on them. But is the Czech Republic’s biggest power company, ČEZ, placed to square up to that challenge?  More

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Prague council votes to ban all gaming bars

27-11-2015 15:40 | Jan Velinger

Photo: Filip Jandourek The council at Prague City Hall has voted to ban all gaming bars in the city. More than 200 establishments with gambling machines are to be closed down, while a full ban is to be implemented in Prague 4, which also includes casinos.  More

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Sunday Music Show

Kittchen – Masked man of Czech DIY pop connects again on Kontakt

29-11-2015 02:01 | Ian Willoughby

The summer release Kontakt is the third LP by Kittchen, the masked man of Czech DIY pop. The follow-up to Radio, which picked up an Anděl award for best alternative album in 2012, it finds the mysterious musician cooking up more top class – to quote his...  More

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To have something under the thumb

28-11-2015 02:01 | Ruth Fraňková

Photo: archive of Radio Prague Hello and welcome to a fresh edition of SoundCzech, in which you can learn interesting Czech idioms with the help of song lyrics. Today’s song is by the singer songwriter Jaromír Nohavica. It’s called Kdybych byl ředitelem zeměkoule – If I was Director...  More

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Current Affairs

Czech Republic and China ink investment boosting memorandum

27-11-2015 14:46 | Chris Johnstone

Bohuslav Sobotka, Chinese President Xi Jinping, photo: CTK Czech prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka has signed a memorandum of understanding between the Czech and Chinese governments. The main theme of the memorandum is for the two countries to support China’s worldwide trade and investment initiative “One Belt,...  More

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Buoyant Czech antiques market takes new directions

25-11-2015 13:34 | Chris Johnstone

Antique market, photo: CTK The Autumn edition of Prague’s flagship antique market has just finished with exhibitors of high priced paintings, glassware, militaria, and furniture in buoyant spirits on the hopes of high spending Czechs and foreigners coming through the doors. The...  More

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Letter from Prague

Many different November 17 demonstrations, worlds apart

21-11-2015 02:01 | Chris Johnstone

Photo: CTK There were supposed to have been around 17 demonstrations in Prague on the November 17 state holiday to commemorate the start of the students’ protest that sparked the Velvet Revolution and the fall of Communism.   More

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